ToTaL IR™ – Tag, Track & Locate Infrared Light Emitting Powder

ToTaL IR™ is a non-toxic, infrared powder in Light Brown or Loam which can detect intrusion into restricted areas, and shows the direction taken. After mixing two powders, you get an immediate and powerful infrared emission for 3 to 7 days, depending of the environment. ToTaL IR™ sticks to shoes, tires, clothes, money, contraband etc., allowing intruder identification and is only visible with night vision equipment.

*Infrared (IR) products are restricted items and can ONLY be sold to Military and Law Enforcement customers. An end-user statement and DSP-83 must be signed with each order verifying customer’s eligibility.


(from the date of manufacture indicated on the product packaging)

  • 1 year

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