S.O.S.® Signaling & Rescue Light

With a protective plastic outer casing the lightweight S.O.S.® remains attached by a 30″ lanyard and acts as a handle. When the user spins the device, it forms a distinctive 4 foot circle pattern and is visible up to 3 miles from the air and 1 mile on land.


Ideally used as a signalling and rescue device, the S.O.S.® is perfect for rescue and outdoor safety operations. The S.O.S.® can also be placed in an emergency kit or vehicle.

This device is recommended for all outdoor activities (hiking, sailing, hunting, …)  to locate your position in case of emergency.




(from the date of manufacture indicated on the product packaging)

  • 4 years for green
  • 2 years for orange high-intensity (5 min)