Photolum Plate

The Cyalume® Photoluminescent Plate provides evacuation safety lights. Easy to install thanks to adhesive tape on the rear or via the nail/screw holes. 2 SnapLights (15cm) are always handy and easy to locate.


The Photolum Plate provides comfort and assurance that a safe dependable light will be available when the power goes out. Ideally used in small offices, stairwells, cupboards, stores or any small area that when plunged into darkness could become hazardous to those present.

Supplied with 2 SnapLight® Yellow 30 min or Green 12 hours. Cyalume® SnapLight® are :

  • Non-Toxic,
  • Non Flammable,
  • Easy to activate,
  • 100% Maintenance Free,
  • Phthlate Free.

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