6″ ChemLight® LightSticks

Proven effective by military forces worldwide for over 40 years, ChemLights enhance both nighttime tactical operations and training safety. With a patented phthalate-free formulation, they are non-flammable both before and after activation, maintenance-free, non-toxic, and waterproof. They produce no sparks or flames.
Individually foil-wrapped for light/moisture protection.


Cyalume is the sole supplier of Chemlight lightsticks to NATO countries through current NSPA contract (Cage code FAK27) and US contracts (Cage code 0BY83).
Cyalume is the only manufacturer who has submitted a technical package with DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) in the US and received a positive feedback on the performance of the products meeting and exceeding the current specifications for all commercial NSN items such as the 6” products Chemlight.
Note that no other manufacturer has ever been checked for performance by DLA and printed NSN on their packaging is a self-certification and at the risk of the buyer. The current specifications for 6” products have been upgraded by DLA in September 2013. To our knowledge no other manufacturer except Cyalume can meet or exceed these new specifications.


Recommended for start lines, drop zones, and hazard markers. Perfect for survival, first aid, and evacuation kits. Recommended for shift signals, drop zones, and hazard markers.


  • The Ultra Orange High-Intensity 6” ChemLight® Lightstick can also be used with the Surface Trip Flare where the light stick will be activated through a trip wire.
  • All the Cyalume® lightsticks can be fixed on a Directional / Traffic handle for a highly visible light.
  • All the Cyalume® lightsticks can be fixed on a Ground Stake to remain visible even in areas with a lot of vegetation.
  • All the Cyalume® lightsticks can be inserted in a Combat Light Shield to control the amount of light emitted.
  • All the Cyalume® lightsticks can be inserted in a Magnetic Base – Military Grade or Safety Grade to allow the lightstick to be attached to any steel-surface for maximum visibility.
  • All the Cyalume® lightsticks can be used with Cone Adaptors for improved visibility.

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(from the date of manufacture indicated on the product packaging)

  • 4 years for visible colors Standard durations (8h-24h) and High intensity (30min)
  • 2 years for orange Ultra-High intensity color (5min)
  • 3 years for Infrared (3h-8h)

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