3″LightShape® Circle Markers (8cm)

Self-adhesive, rectangular and flat, VisiPad weighs less than a traditional 6” , takes up less space, but with the same overall surface area. The Hook and Hole feature allows VisiPad to be hung. Compact, ultra light and ultra thin, the VisiPad can be easily stored in pockets, pouches or kits. Its wide surface area allows for writing messages with traditional marking pen. Its self-adhesive backing allows for placement on patients, personnel, structures or windows. VisiPad has a patented design to prevent accidental illumination.


The self-adhesive 3” LightShape® Circle Markers can be used for medical triage, evacuation procedures, trail marking or as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Below are described are some features of the Lightshape circle marker:

  • Aggressive adhesive for rough  surfaces and fabric
  • Write-on exterior with permanent alcohol marker
  • Up to 4 hours duration
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable
  • No heat, no sparks, no flames
  • Waterproof
  • Highly visible in compromised areas
  • Maintenance free – no batteries required




(from the date of manufacture indicated on the product packaging)

  • 4 years

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