15″ IMPACT® & NON-IMPACT® LightSticks Infrared (IR) (40cm)

The 15” Infrared IMPACT® ChemLight® lightsticks have a 3-hour duration time.
The 15” Infrared NON-IMPACT® ChemLight® lightsticks have a 3-hour and 8-hour duration time.


They can be used by Military Forces and Law Enforcement Forces to accomplish their night-time mission. The 15” Cyalume® ChemLight® Lightsticks can be used for Airdrop Delivery Operations, Route Marking, Helicopter Landing Site, Droping Zones DZ)…

*Infrared (IR) products are restricted items and can ONLY be sold to Military and Law Enforcement customers. An end-user statement and DSP-83 must be signed with each order verifying customer’s eligibility.


(from the date of manufacture indicated on the product packaging)

  • 3 years

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