10″ SnapLight® Refill Lightsticks (25cm) for LightStation®

The 10” SnapLight glowsticks are designed to fill in the LightStation Models 4, 10 or 20 but can also be used separately. With a duration of 4 hours, they are available in yellow or red in boxes of 40pcs or 200pcs. They are ideal to provide instant illumination, flooding an area with portable light for evacuees.

These lightsticks can also be used without LightStation cases provided they are stored out of direct light and in their original box. Therefore they can be easily included in emergency boxes of each school what is mandatory in France and part of “PPMS” (Specific Precautionary Safety Measures Plan).


Perfect for evacuation procedures, these lightsticks provide assurance and instant illumination. They can also be used for confinement purposes to maintain light, reassure and avoide panic.


Available in 2 hours Yellow and Red. Duration of 4 hours.


  • 4 years from manufacturing date