Cyalume light devices are very useful among the leisure scuba diving activities.

SnapLight lightsticks can be used as a trail of bread crumbs to mark a path or a life line. They also help in the divers’ identification, devices marking and/or tracking (pressure regulators, instrument console, rigging, anchorage areas, rank indicator bar, bail-out bottles…).

Chemiluminescent lights are ideal for underwater signaling and marking especially during night dives. While navigating at night the light sticks are also used in boats marking or as emergency lights.

The Cyalume lightsticks can be used with safety sausages in diving activities.

In industrial diving, this range of lightsticks are used for underwater repairs as they are buoyant and can be easily transported or attached to any device.

The lightsticks help in:

  • marking operations before repairing operations
  • identification of working areas completely submerged (ex. cracks on dams or on locks)
  • diving under ship’s hulls
  • maintenance works (welding, cracks blockage)