In yachting and boating areas, lighting, signaling and marking devices are essential to the safety equipments of ships, boats or vessels.

In this area Cyalume products can be used for:

  • identification of vessels while fishing, diving or anchored at night (night mooring) – white light
  • boat’s marking while navigating at night / emergency lights – red, green and white lights
  • replacement of lights in case of breakdown
  • man overboard signaling device

A French regulation called “Division 240” ruling safety of pleasure boats less than 24 meters recently evolved to better meet the safety requirements of sailor’s safety.

From May 1st, 2015, each boat has to be equipped with additional safety devices. Among the Top 10, “a waterproof flashlight or an individual mean of light, waterproof, with a 6 hr minimum autonomy such as a Cyalume lightstick to be worn by every person on board on the life jacket for example.”

To find a man overboard at night is the worst of situations to be in especially if he does not carry any light. To light a lifejacket, the Cyalume SnapLight® lightstick is recommended because it can easily be attached on it and is the least expensive solution. This lightstick offers a 12 hour duration and can be easily seen at night from more than 1 mile (1,6 km). Attach your Cyalume stick inside your lifejacket with a string or use our dedicated PML for life jackets which activates with one hand only will make it very discrete and it will be a precious ally in case of fall overboard.