Cyalume lightsticks to identify and locate people during hiking and biking at night

When hiking or biking at dawn, sundown or by a gloomy weather, the Cyalume glowsticks will allow personal identification. They can also be used to delimit and locate a camp on the ground, mark a path for following hikers, bikers and to support the reading of the topographic maps in dark conditions. The Cyalume lighting solutions are vital devices for hiking, biking, running activities as well as rock climbing and mountaineering.

Ideal signalling & rescue light in case of emergency

The S.O.S.® Signaling & Rescue Light can easily be used to highlight your location in case of an emergency and help the rescue services to find you as soon as possible. All the Cyalume products help to face unexpected events such as quick dusk, weather sudden change… Cyalume SnapLight range of lightsticks are recommanded to light, mark and signal your nighttime hiking trips, your long-lasting mountain-bike rides, all the convoys at night.